The essence of LADY DUTCH

Our style: Sophisticated, Feminine

Our spirit: Sexy, Confident

Our look: Glamorous, Edgy

Our lifestyle: City views, rooftop cocktails




Lady Dutch is a complete fashion collection sold at affordable prices in line with today’s fiercely competitive ladies wear market. 

Launched in 2002 in Montreal’s fashion district, Lady Dutch delivers beautiful fashion to some of Canada’s finest boutiques. In 2007 Lady Dutch expanded its reach by distributing the collection to The Bay stores. From humble beginnings, Lady Dutch is now distributed at the Bay from coast to coast. The Hudson Bay Company has since been acquired by the Lord and Taylor group of New York City. In spite of this dramatic change in ownership and leadership, Lady Dutch continues to thrive as a legitimate fashion label; sold next to many internationally recognized brands such as BCBG Generation, Kensi, Vero Moda, Rachel Roy, and many more.

 Content with its exposure in Canada, Lady Dutch has now set its sights to the USA market. In its first season, the collection will be shipped to more than 100 independent shops across North East USA, with an aggressive plan for Lady Dutch to be sold in 1000 shops within the first three years of its USA expansion.  




Corporate branding has always been a key component of the Lady Dutch’s marketing strategy. Using a distinctive and powerful logo provides Lady Dutch with a visual identity that allows for instant recognition. 

A main strategy in support of the Lady Dutch brand has been highly visible promotional events. Lady Dutch has participated in the gifting suites of international events such as The Golden Globe awards, The Billboard Awards, MTV Awards, and the Canadian Juno Awards. Lady Dutch aligns itself with influential celebrities that our target market identifies with; Paris Hilton, Tori Spelling, Nicole Ritchie, Vanessa Manillo, Rihanna Nelly Furtado, Keisha Chante, Eva Avila, are among the many stars that Lady Dutch has dressed. As a result of the aggressive promotional strategy, Lady Dutch benefits from a strong media presence and positive media feedback.

Lady Dutch compliments this promotional activity with aggressive advertising, investing in advertising venues such as outdoor ad campaigns, and high-profile fashion magazines. In addition to direct advertising, Lady Dutch has established an excellent relationship with various editors and stylists in the fashion industry. For this reason, fashion editorials are an important factor in Lady Dutch’s marketing strategy.     

 Needless to say, in today’s fast pace world, social media has quickly become the single most powerful venue for self expression. Lady Dutch recognizes this reality and has shifted much of its marketing focus to this ever evolving media. The brand now speaks directly to its end consumer allowing for a more thorough understanding of the Lady Dutch customer. This allows the Lady Dutch to create styles that truly are an expression of its customers’desires.